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Uh Oh . . .

Uh Oh . . .

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. . . (Isaiah 5:20)

When I read the phrase “Woe to you,” it piques my interest. I understand that there’s a warning coming.  This particular warning has been heavy upon my heart for the past few years.

So quickly, here’s a definition of the word, “woe.”

Woe, noun. 1) Grievous distress, affliction, or trouble. 2) An affliction.

I look at this word and I think the avoidance of woe should be one of the primary goals of life.

It occurs to me that we, as a nation, as a culture, are in serious trouble. If we don’t change some things, we are going to be experiencing some serious woe.

The first thing we need to change is to stop calling evil good and good evil.

One night, many years ago, after a Saturday night church service. I settled on our family room sofa to watch Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman¸ which I had recorded on our VCR.  When the show ended, I switched off the VCR and the TV reverted to its default channel. Right there, before my eyes were two women locked in a passionate kiss. I was horrified, and I prayed, “Lord, WHAT is happening to our culture?”

He spoke to me (yes He speaks to me!), “Why are you so surprised? You’ve put up with the acceptance of fornication and adultery in your movies, books and TV shows. This is just another step, that’s all.”

Well . . .   I really had to think about that.

Fornication (sex before marriage) is wrong. It’s evil in the eyes of God, and it should be evil in our eyes too. But our culture tells us that it’s OK – and even makes fun of those who decide to hold on to their virginity until they get married. I don’t mean to say that we should crucify those who have done it, or that it is unforgivable, but we need to repent and do what’s right – or we are going to reap some “woe.”

Adultery is wrong, evil in God’s eyes. It should be evil in our eyes too. But our culture tells us it’s OK. Perhaps you’ve fallen “out of love” with your spouse, or you feel a “need” for something else beyond your spouse. NO! It’s wrong. It’s cowardly, it’s dishonest, it’s destructive, and we need to repent and do what’s right, or we are going to reap some “woe.”  

Divorce is wrong, evil in God’s eyes. It should be evil in our eyes too. But our culture tells us it’s OK, that it’s unrealistic to expect to have “’till death do us part” relationships. Many of us have already been divorced. That’s a tragedy. We’re not here to stone divorced people – BUT, we need to be people who repent, who stand up for marriage, who encourage those who are married to build instead of tearing down, or we are going to reap some “woe.”

Abortion is wrong, evil in God’s eyes. It should be evil in our eyes too. But our culture tells us it’s OK. We have passed laws to legalize it. We’re calling evil good!  I wonder how many potential musicians, inventors, and medical researchers have been killed by abortion? We could already be reaping a lot of “woe” because of this.

It has become “cool” in our culture to embrace homosexuality. Transgender people are called “heroes.” If you speak against it, you’ll be called a “hater.” NO!  They’re calling evil good and good evil. We don’t hate those who struggle with their sexual identity! But we still need to repent, stand for what is right, or we will reap some ‘woe.”

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (Chronicles 7:14)

Oh, God, how we need You!  Help those of us who are called by Your Name to humble ourselves — not thinking we are superior when we struggle with sin just like anyone else. Help us to pray and seek You and Your ways. Help us to turn from our own wicked ways so we can be light in the darkness. Help us to respectfully stand against things that You define as evil. Let us express Your heart for each individual, and for our nation. You can start with me, Lord.

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