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Small Groups

Small Groups are gatherings of the church where men and women seeking after the Lord come alongside each other and live their lives together. Small Groups form the foundational, relational connection within our church in order to facilitate our mission, vision, and live out our values.

Please consider joining a Small Group today! We have many, and you are more than welcome to reach out and join one!

Bittner Small Group

Tuesday @ 6:30 in the back fellowship room for
a time of food and fellowship.

Led by Ron and Gloria Bittner

7:00 Open with worship songs, then study white
books and discuss the Sunday sermon.

Children do attend our group and are more than

The group has a money can where they collect small change and at Christmas
donate to a worthy cause. Why should you come? We care, love you and encourage you with your relationship with the Lord. We love you as family and are available for your needs at all times.

Ron and Gloria Bio: Ron & Gloria have been married since 1987 and started attending Hope in 1997. Gloria worked in insurance and Ron worked as a commercial plumbing estimator and project manager for 32 years. Both Ron and Gloria are retired. Shortly after starting at Hope, Ron became a small group coordinator and has led several small groups. They both feel that small groups have been a vital part of their lives and a great blessing to them. Ron has been an elder at Hope since February 2001 and has been involved with Men’s Ministry, Joshua’s Men and Men for Better Marriages.
Contact Phone: (234) 855-6762
Bush Small Group

Tuesday @ 7:00

Led by Ron and Valerie Bush

Meets at the Bush Home, 50833 Stagecoach Rd, East
Liverpool, OH 43920

The Bush group is excited to share the wonderful experience we have at our small group Bible study. Our gatherings are filled with warmth and friendship, creating a comfortable atmosphere where we all feel relaxed and uplifted. One of the highlights of our time together is when we come together in worship, singing praises to the Lord and allowing His presence to fill our hearts. Also, each person in our group takes turns teaching/discipling and sharing insights from the Word of God and encouraging one another in our faith journey. We also make it a point to celebrate each other’s birthdays, making sure that everyone feels loved and valued in our group. It is a joyous occasion that brings us closer together and strengthens our bonds of friendship.

To add even more fun to our gatherings, we have a special night out of fellowship
once a quarter. This gives us the opportunity to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and build deeper connections outside of our regular meetings. We are truly grateful for the blessing of being a part of our home group Bible study, where we grow in faith, support each other, and experience the love of Christ in a tangible way. If you are interested in joining a small group, we would love to have you visit ours.

Ron and Valerie Bio: Ron and Valerie have been married since 1995 and have been attending Hope Christian Fellowship since 2004. Valerie is an occupational therapist with Mercy Health, and Ron is in aircraft maintenance with American Airlines. They have been leading small group for approximately 5 years and it has been such a blessing in their lives. Ron is on the Men’s Ministry Leadership Team and is also the Small Group coordinator for Hope.
Contact Phone: (330) 383-2588
Coffee’s On Small Group

Wednesday morning at 10:00 in the back fellowship room.

Led by Laure Cornell, wife of Elder Gary Cornell

No childcare.

This year (2024) the group is reading through
the Bible following along with The Bible Recap
with Tara Leigh Coble, discussing the prior week’s reading and participating with questions and open discussion. The ladies regularly go to lunch after the group is over and continue fellowship.

Laure Cornell Bio: Laure has been married to her husband Gary since 1980. Together they have two wonderful children and two beautiful grandchildren. Laure has always been a part of the women’s ministry and leads the food fellowship, which arranges the crockpot dinners and funeral receptions. Laure enjoys sewing, quilting and making crafts.
Contact Phone: (330) 385-4673 (Church Office)

Cornell Small Group

Wednesday 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Led by Elder Gary and Laure Cornell

Meets at Cornell Home 1420 Lighthouse Court,
East Liverpool, OH 43920

No childcare at present, but could be arranged
if needed

We start with testimonies and worship before moving into our lesson. We have been working our way through our “white books.” We value fellowship and caring for each other and our extended family and friends. We always end in prayer for the coming days and weeks. Join us as we grow closer to each other and to God.

Gary & Laure Bio: Gary and Laure have been happily married since 1980 and have two wonderful children and two beautiful grandchildren. Gary and Laure love the Lord and the people of HCF. They became Small Group leaders in 2007 and have led a small group since.
Contact Phone: (330) 383-1170
Lytle Small Group

Wednesday 7:00 – 8:30

Led by Pastor Donny & Donna (Chubby) Lytle

Meets at Lytle Home 428 Imperial Dr, East
Liverpool, OH 43920

No childcare.

Our small group averages about 8 people –sometimes more. We don’t share a meal but occasionally have snacks. Everyone in the group takes an active part each week by sharing on a topic. Open discussion is encouraged. We start and end with prayer each week, practicing the model of look back, look up, and look forward; looking back at how God has worked in our lives since we last met together, looking up at what God will teach us this week during our time together (Bible study), and looking forward to how God will work in us and through us in the week to come. We invite you to join us!

Pastor Donny & Chubby Bio: Donny and Chubby have been married since 1978. They have two wonderful sons and eight grandchildren. Donny has been a pastor since 1984, pastoring in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. In 2008, they founded Family Care Ministries, which works with those who struggle with addiction. Pastor Donny & Chubby teach classes in the Columbiana County Jail twice a week. They started attending Hope Christian Fellowship in 2002 and Donny was ordained as Evangelist in 2006, ordained as Elder in 2011, appointed Pastor at the Wellsville location in 2015 and has been Senior Pastor at Hope since 2023. Chubby has spoken at women’s events, led women’s specialty groups and has written two devotional books. They love the Lord, and the people at Hope Christian Fellowship and their greatest desire is to see people walking in close relationship with the Lord.
Contact Phone: (330) 708-1193
McIntosh Small Group

Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:30

Meets at 500 E 4th St., Salem, OH 44460 (Smith Center)

Childcare is Available

Pastor Moses and Angela McIntosh, along with Pastor Phil McIntosh and Brenda McIntosh, co-lead this group.

The small group begins with a time of fellowship with an icebreaker or discussion topic then we have a time to share testimonies/praise reports and sometimes we share in worship songs together. We do not always share a meal, but from time to time we will bring a snack to share. We always have coffee & water to share. Come & join us for a time of fellowship, studying the Word, and learning together to live and love like Jesus.

Pastor Moses and Angela Bio: Moses and Angela have been married for 15 years, and have been blessed with five children, soon to be six! Moses and Angela have attended HCF together for 18 years, and Moses for 26 years having grown up in our body. Angela is a gifted intercessor and leads our Prayer Chain ministry. She is a Case Manager by training and currently is a homemaker and wife. Moses is a Sign Language interpreter by trade and works from home as a manager of an interpreting business. Moses is called as a teacher in the body and is gifted in the prophetic. He was ordained as an Elder and Pastor at HCF in 2021, first serving as location pastor in Salem, and continues to serve together in Lisbon.

Pastor Phil and Brenda Bio: Phil and Brenda have been married for 42 years and have nine adult children, thirteen grandchildren (and one on the way), one of whom they are raising. They have attended Hope since 1996, serving in many ways over the years including as Youth Ministry leaders in the Oikos Teen Ministry for 8 years. Brenda is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and is gifted in working with people in addiction. Phil is a gifted teacher and preacher. He attended seminary for his undergraduate and graduate degrees and was ordained as a pastor in 1984. In his 36 years of ministry, he has served at churches in Michigan, Tennessee, and Ohio. In 2003 Phil was commissioned by HCF and sent out to plant a church in the Salem, OH area where he served for three years before returning to Hope.
Contact Phone: (330) 277-1742

Mrozek Small Group

Wednesday, 6:30 food and fellowship, 7:00 worship & Bible study

Led by Ben and MaryJo Mrozek

Meets in the back meeting room at the church.

Childcare is available.

Our group gets together to share a meal. Everyone brings what they like to contribute. After dinner we have worship, a time of testimony, and then Bible study with discussion, finishing with a time of prayer and ministry to each other. The children stay in the group until after worship, because the kids love music and they also hear and see the adults worshipping – they learn from us. We view our group as family and we care for each other. When opportunities arise, we like to participate in different ministry opportunities and outreaches. We welcome you to join us!

Ben & Mary Jo Mrozek Bio: Ben & Mary Jo have been married for 25 years and
have three adult children and 2 grandchildren. They have attended Hope Christian Fellowship for over 20 years. Ben and Mary Jo both accepted Jesus’ love and forgiveness as children and continue to grow in their relationship with Him daily. Ben has led men’s specialty groups, taught adult Sunday school, worked in Children’s Ministry, VBS, and serves on both the communion and tithe teams. Mary Jo has led the HCF Children’s Ministry team for 8 years, has spoken at women’s events, led women’s specialty groups, mentors young women, and much more. Ben & Mary Jo are just beginning their adventure as small group leaders and invite you to come and adventure with them!
Contact Phone: (330) 831-6510
Sunday Morning Small Group

Meets Sundays at 9:00 a.m. Conference Room

Led by Phil Boso

We have prayer requests, and pray. We just started the
book of Joshua in March. There are new chairs that are
very comfy! We invite people to come to one of the small groups that
meet on Sunday.

Phil Boso Bio: Phil and Darla have been married since 1969 and have 3 sons and
4 granddaughters. Phil owns and operates Hamilton Radiator Service in East End. Phil and Darla started attending Hope Christian Fellowship in 2013 and Phil is the leader of the Greeters Ministry as well as leader of the Sunday Morning Small Group that meets in the conference room each Sunday Morning
Contact Phone: (330) 385-4673 (Church Office)
Sunday Morning with God’s Word

Meets at 9:00 a.m. in the back Fellowship Room

Led by Gary Cornell & Ben Mrozek

We are taking our time walking through God’s Word verse by verse at times and certainly chapter by chapter. Join us in an open discussion in which there are no foolish questions except the ones you do not ask.

Gary Cornell Bio: Gary began his journey to the Lord when Laure and he were married in 1980. After accepting the Lord Jesus as his Savior a few years later, he
filled a number of positions at Glenmoor Presbyterian Church. Coming to Hope
Christian Fellowship in 2001, Gary began taking classes for the men of the church
and after a few years began leading them. In 2009, Gary was appointed as leader of the Men’s Ministry and was ordained as an Elder on April 4, 2013. Gary and
Laure have been happily married for 43 years and have two wonderful children and two beautiful grandchildren. Gary and Laure love the Lord and the people of HCF.

Dr. Ben Mrozek Bio: Ben has been married to Mary Jo since 1999 and has three adult children and two grandchildren. He has attended Hope for over 20 years. Ben has led men’s specialty groups, taught adult Sunday school, worked in Children’s Ministry and VBS, and serves on both the communion and tithe team. Ben also leads a midweek small group that meets at the church.
Contact Phone: (330) 385-4673 (Church Office)
Sunday Morning Ladies Small Group

Meets at 9:00 a.m. in the far back meeting room (There will
be signs!)

Led by Donna (Chubby) Lytle, wife of Pastor Donny Lytle

This will be more of a topical Bible study group. We will begin with a foundational study of the Bible:
· What is it?
· How can I learn it?
· How do I study it?
· How do I put it into practice?
I invite you to join us!

Donna (Chubby) Lytle bio: Chubby has been married to Donny since 1978. They have two wonderful sons and eight grandchildren. Chubby joins Donny each week to help teach classes to the women in the Columbiana County Jail. She started attending Hope Christian Fellowship in 2002. She has spoken at women’s events, led women’s specialty groups and has written two devotional books. She loves the Lord, and the people at Hope Christian Fellowship and her greatest desire is to lift up women so they will be able to live lives that are pleasing to God.
Contact Phone: (330) 385-4673 (Church Office)

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