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Our Heritage
In 1959, a church in Anchorage, Alaska, was founded by a man named Dick Benjamin. It was called Abbott Loop Christian Center. Through the years, that church has planted many other churches all over the world. One of those outreach churches was called C-Street Christian Center, planted in downtown Anchorage. A few years later, a team was sent out from C-Street to start a church in Colorado Springs – Colorado Springs Christian Center. Then still later, a team was sent out from Colorado to plant Alliance Christian Center in Alliance, Ohio. Our church was sent out from Alliance Christian Center in December of 1990. Since then we’ve grown from a small, home-based church with a membership of ten to our present size.

Pastor Mike Ross, Our Founding Pastor
Mike Ross was saved as a child in a Presbyterian Church. The Lord spoke to him at this time, giving him a calling and vision for his life. When Mike was eight, his father died. Mike entered into a time of rebellion and searching. Through a series of events in his teen years, Mike was reconciled to God in 1975. He traveled to Anchorage, Alaska, and found Abbott Loop Christian Center, attending Bible College there. After the death of his step-father, he returned to Ohio to be with his mother. Mike met his wife, Karen and they were married in 1980. God directed them to join Alliance Christian Center in Alliance, Ohio. This was one of the greater family of churches that had been planted by Abbott Loop Christian Center. They lived and worked in Alliance for ten years, then Mike was ordained as a pastor in 1990 and sent to East Liverpool to begin this church.

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