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The Chicken or the Egg?

The Chicken or the Egg?

“What came first, the chicken or the egg?” This is a question that has been discussed for ages.

Recently, during a discussion about language, someone asserted,  “All language began with grunts, groans, and gestures.”  In the moment, I said nothing. But as the day continued, I pondered her statement, and I realized that it is simply not true.  

So, what came first? According to the Biblical account of Creation, “God created . . . every winged bird according to its kind.”  God created fully formed adult birds.  Eggs are simply part of the reproductive cycle of adult birds. Therefore, the chicken came first.

We are taught certain things in school. In addition to that, we are so influenced by media that we tend to accept those certain things without question. We see films, television shows, and commercials depicting what we call, “the stone age,” and “cavemen.” These depictions show cave dwellers grunting, gesturing, and walking with hunched-over posture. It never even occurs to question the things we see and hear.

God created Adam as a fully formed adult man. One of the first tasks God gave Adam was to name each living creature (Genesis 2:19), so he must have had the capacity of language to do so. Then when God created Eve and presented her to Adam, the first thing Adam did was to speak (Genesis 2:23)! Adam and Eve did not have to grunt and gesture until they formed their own language. They were created by God with the ability to speak and with a fully formed language.

It may seem redundant for me to write this, but I’m going to put it in here anyway — There is a difference between fantasy and reality. We must be mindful of that difference. God created us with minds and imaginations, and it’s enjoyable to indulge in fantasies created for our entertainment. However, we must not lose our grip on what is true, because God lives in reality!

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