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Stages & Phases, part 6

Stages & Phases, part 6

The Challenging or Skeptic Phase

If you find yourself in this phase, you need to realize that this is a very dangerous time.  This phase can be similar to what we see in our culture as the “teenager” phase. We question and challenge all the rules, beliefs and authorities that we once accepted. You may be angry, and even rebellious.

Don’t be like Korah, Dathan and Abiram (among others) who rebelled against Moses (Numbers 16). Moses was a good leader, put into position by God Himself. He hadn’t done anything wrong. But these guys developed an attitude, saying, “Is Moses the ONLY one who hears from God?” They accused their leaders of “lording it over them.” They complained about having to leave Egypt and go into the wilderness. They didn’t trust that God would bring them into a good place. They were impatient, immature, angry, & rebellious. They wanted their own way and they wanted it NOW. Moses allowed God to deal with these guys — Numbers 16:32 says that the ground opened up its mouth and swallowed them!

Instead, be like David. Even though he had a ruler who was unfair to him – he refused to strike God’s anointed! He would not retaliate against his leader! He allowed God to deal with King Saul!

If you’re going through this phase, you may not even realize it, because this is a time when the enemy comes in and uses our pride to deceive us, encouraging us to think we are right.

This is the MOST important time to submit yourself to God, to search out His Word for truth and balance, and to find mature people to counsel with you. Guard your own heart and control your attitudes and behavior. Do not go through this alone. Be careful not to vent only to those who agree with you. Get advice from those who are wise and have different perspectives. You may feel you have been damaged somehow – but you, yourself can do great damage to others if you do not go through this time wisely.

If you emerge from this phase with your faith and relationships intact, you will have gained a lot of maturity!

Revelation 3:12 says, “He that overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God.”

OVERCOMING! Some of the things we need to overcome is our own immaturity, wanting our own way, harboring offenses. When you become an overcomer, God says he will make you a pillar!  A pillar is stable. A pillar carries weight. A pillar does not run around looking for other roofs to support, it has been placed by God in a place where it STAYS. It becomes a permanent fixture, helping to bear the weight of its structure. This speaks of support and leadership. I’d even venture to say that a person shouldn’t even be considered for leadership unless they had learned to overcome in this way.

Next time — we start looking at the Stages we go through in our growth in Christ.

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