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From the Pastor’s Wife

I am grateful to God for many things. But today, I want to thank some people who have really stepped up and taken some weight off my shoulders.

First, Gator (Scott) McCluskey and Tim Ford – These men are faithful to run multi-media every Sunday. Whenever they cannot be there, they find their own replacement, and simply let me know! Multi-media has run so smoothly now for so long, that I no longer need to be concerned about it and I’m set free to fully participate in worship with no worries about multi-media!

Next, Robin Bundy, Moses McIntosh, Ginger Malcolm, Austen Rhodes, and Josiah Murphy (hope I’m not forgetting anyone). Each of these people caption our services.  Because of their willingness to serve, we have expanded our captioning to include both services. And Moses has taken on the responsibility of scheduling, making sure each service is covered.

Finally, Kim Milhoan – my office co-worker (and dear friend).  Kim has, over the years, taken over many responsibilities that used to be mine, which has set me free to do other things.

Faithfulness is a quality of God that is exhibited in each of these people I have mentioned. I want to express my gratitude that they have helped me, personally. But I also want to honor them because they each are using their unique gifts to serve others in a way that glorifies God. They set a great example for us all.

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