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Recently, we had to say, “Good-bye,” to a family from our church. It was not a loss through death. It was not a loss through an offense. It was simply a life-change, a physical move, that caused this family to leave our area. Because of a failure to communicate, we did not announce this change and pray for them during their last Sunday with us. So, I thought that I would share it in this public forum.

To my friend, Brian Harrington – thank you for being a faithful friend. Thank you for the gifts you brought to us, gifts that stirred in others a desire to stretch and improve their individual giftings (myself included). Thank you for the simple joy that your gifting brought to our church body. Thank you for being one of our worship leaders, helping us to enter into the presence of God.

Nearly every Saturday, we’d text back & forth about the following morning’s worship list, asking and answering questions, refreshing our memories. Why? Because we wanted to give our best to the Lord. Thank you for that, too!

Brian, Linda, Madi, and Bayli – even though we will miss you all very much, we are comforted by the fact that you have been led by His Spirit to make this change in your lives, a new beginning in a new place. May God richly bless you all, and may He use you for His glory no matter where you are.

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  1. Stephanie and Mike McCartney July 23, 2018

    We wondered where you had gone, Brian. We did not get an opportunity to get to know you well before you left but, want you to know that your music touched us deeply. Mike laughed because he said I got a big grin every time you began to play the guitar. God has given you an amazing gift and we definitely miss it. May He continue to bless you and your family as you blessed each of us.

  2. Brian July 23, 2018

    Thank you, Karen. It was very kind of you. We will miss you all.


  3. Karen July 23, 2018

    We exchanged our own Thank you and see you soon on that last Sunday. Our hearts were sad with no announcement of their leaving but understand now that it wasn’t really known by all that it was…
    Madi, we wish you the best of luck in your college career and pray the Lord’s direction for you be made known to you with clarity.
    Bayli, as you continue through highschool, we are covering you with the prayer of protection. Keep up the good work you are doing. We are so proud of you!
    Brian and Linda, we’re going to remain friends even though there’s distance between us. We are so happy and excited for you as you begin a new chapter in your lives! God has a plan in store for you. We pray that you hear His voice as He leads you along the path He has chosen for you. Do Not be afraid to take that step with faith! We are here for you both any time! We love you! And we are So excited to say–
    “Welcome to your new home!”

  4. Nancy Bartko August 5, 2018

    You will all be missed, from beautiful smiling faces, warm greetings and music. Blessing on all that is new in your lives.

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