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Leadership Track Process

At Hope Christian Fellowship, we believe strongly in the preparation of leaders for the work of making disciples through building relationships. To accomplish this preparation, we have created a detailed Leadership Process by which we ensure all leaders are prepared, equipped, trained, and submitted to the requirements the Lord has called Hope to hold our leaders accountable to. Below is a detailed list of requirements and steps in the Leadership Process.

LEVEL 0 – Individual who is an Active Member

Requirements taken from our Church Constitution & Bylaws (Section 6.0 ff – “Active Membership”)

  • Must be a born-again believer
  • Must regularly attend church services at Hope Christian Fellowship
  • Must tithe ten (10) percent of their gross earnings to Hope Christian Fellowship
  • Must understand and agree with the church’s mission (Article I and Section 1.3 ff)

LEVEL 1 – Leader Participating in Ministry

Worship Team Member, Small Group Leader, Children’s Sunday School Teacher, Approved Nursery Worker, Administrative Assistant (Office Staff), Sound & Multimedia Technician

  • Must be Active Member of the church (see Level 0 requirements)
  • Must have attended HCF a minimum of 6 months
  • Must have been baptized in water
  • Must submit a written salvation testimony
  • Must regularly attend Leadership Team Meetings
  • Commitment to complete MAKE US ONE: New Beginnings within one year, submit test to office
  • Commitment to complete DISCOVERY SERIES: Discovering God within one year, submit test to office
  • Commitment to complete HEART OF A LEADER with a mentor, submit signed form to office
  • Commitment to read LOVE, ACCEPTANCE & FORGIVENESS
  • Must be willing to love and serve people
  • Must be familiar and in agreement with:
    • Our Mission of Hope booklet
    • Our Bylaws
    • Our Statement of Faith
    • Our Water Baptism booklet
    • Our Baptism in the Holy Spirit booklet
  • Must be submitted to elders and appointed leaders
  • Must fulfill ministry-specific requirements (auditions for worship team, specific skills for office work, etc) that may be necessary for consideration)
  • We ask that you pursue growth by developing relationships with other disciples and leaders, and utilizing the various curriculum series (MAKE US ONE, DISCOVERY, and FOUNDATIONS)

Completion of any or all of the above requirements does not mean we have “arrived” and our work of preparation is complete. Continual growth is essential, not just for leadership but for any life journey.

If you are interested in learning more about higher levels of leadership and the requirements we have for those leaders, please see here:

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