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vbs DAY 4


  • What do you get if dinosaurs ride the bumper cars? (Tyrannosaurus wrecks)
  • Why did they move the snake exhibit across the park? (To get it to the other sssssside.)
  • What do cats eat for breakfast? (Mice Krispies)
  • Why was the elephant afraid of the ocean? (Because something seemed fishy about it.)
  • How many skunks does it take to make a big stink? (A phew.)
  • Knock knock. — Who’s there? — Sarah. — Sarah who? — Sarah Ferris wheel around here somewhere?
  • Knock knock. — Who’s there? — Minnie. — Minnie who? — Minnie rides are fun at the theme park.

Gather these items for today’s VBS (per child)

  • Ice pops or ice cream bars
  • Any orange-colored drink
  • Bible
  • amusement park tickets/wristbands (optional)
Science experiment supplies:
  • Rulers
  • Disposable gloves
  • Bowl of ice water
  • Vegetable shortening
Craft (bitty bird feeders):
  • Toasted oat cereal, 1/4 cup per child
  • Colored chenille stems, 1 or 2 per child
  • Small paper plates, 1 per child
  • Tools & basic supplies
    • 1/4 cup measuring cup

Now let’s get started with VBS day 4!!

Song Video: Incrediworld Theme

Buddy Davis Creature Feature video

Song Video: All Creatures

Puppet video

Game Video

Snack video

Lesson video

Craft video

Science video

Drama video

Song video: Woodpecker Song

You can use these extras at any time during your vbs!

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