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VBS Day 3

Just to GEt You Laughing!!

  • What do you call a small mouse? (A mini-mouse)
  • What did the merry-go-round horse say when it fell off its pole? (I’ve fallen and I can’t giddy-up!)
  • What do bees like to chew? (Bumble gum)
  • Why do fish live in salt water? (Because pepper makes them sneeze!)
  • Knock knock. — Who’s there? — Luke. — Luke who? — Luke up there! It’s the fun house!
  • Knock knock. — Who’s there? — Donut. — Donut who? — Donut tell me it’s time to leave already!

Gather these items for today’s VBS! (per child)

  • Assorted fruit sticks, 2 sticks per child
  • Lemonade
  • Bible
  • Amusement park tickets/wristbands (optional)
Science experiment supplies:
  • Dirty pennies
  • Craft stick, if using vinegar with salt
  • Small clothespins (optional)
  • Small containers, 1 for each substance
  • Substances (choose a variety from the following):
    • ketchup
    • mustard
    • water
    • milk
    • vinegar with salt
    • lemon, orange, or lime juice
    • dark carbonated beverage
Craft supplies:
my bug jar
  • Clear plastic jars with screw-on lids, 1 per child
  • Colored chenille stems (2 per child)
  • Small bug stickers, 6-8 per child
  • Pine needles, small pine cones, small sticks
  • Tools & basic supplies:
    • hand drill
    • 7/64-inch drill bit

Now let’s get started with vbs day 3!!

Song video: Incrediworld Theme

Buddy Davis Creature Feature video

Song video: Right Side Up

Puppet show video

Game Video

Snack video

Lesson video

Craft video

Science video

Drama video

Song video: Admit Believe

You can use these extras at any time during your vbs!

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