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VBS Day 2

Just to Get You Laughing

  • At what time of day do people like to play amusement park games? (Midway)
  • What’s a ferret’s favorite ride? (The Ferret Wheel)
  • What did the duck say when she bought lip gloss? (Put it on my bill)
  • What kind of animal goes, “OOM?” (A cow walking backward)
  • Knock, knock. — Who’s there? — Police. — Police, who? — Police take me to the roller coaster.
  • Knock knock. — Who’s there? — Orange. — Orange who? — Orange you glad we came to the park today?

Gather these items for today’s vbs! (per child)

  • Premade white cake with white icing
  • Equal portions of white grape juice and ginger ale, 1 quart of mixture for every 5 children
  • Bible
  • Amusement park tickets/wristbands (optional)
science experiment Supplies:
  • Optical illusions PDF, printed or onscreen. Click here to get it.
Craft (Super Sunglass STrap):
  • Beading cord, 20-25 inches per child
  • A variety of craft beads (pony, round, faceted, fun foam, etc,)
  • small hair rubber bands, 2 per child
  • Optional: child-sized sunglasses
  • Scissors

Now let’s get started with VBS Day 2!!

Song video: Incrediworld Theme

Buddy Davis Creature Feature video

Song video: It Couldn’t Just Have Happened

Puppet video

Game Video

Snack Video

Lesson Video

Craft Video

Science Video and Optical Illusions PDF

Drama Video

Song video: Absolute Authority

You can use these extras at any time during your vbs!

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